The short story is:

Sold my companies, bought an old campervan, now living a free and happy life.

And the long story goes the same way.

Well, almost. There are still 3 companies (first, second, third) left (I am a serial founder), and the van is not finished yet. But if you want to buy those companies, hey, give me an offer! And the bus is almost ready to go.

What bus? A Volkswagen T2b Westfalia. Built 1975 in Germany, sold to California, re-imported back to Germany in 2015 and currenty getting re-done a bit.

And yes, some people know me as a cyclist. My blog about cycling is www.cyclepeter.com.

And my German sites are www.bodenseepeter.de and www.seriengruender.de.

Peter Eich
Wessenbergstr. 28
78462 Konstanz

Email is my first name @ this domain name.